My 2112 journey

Some time ago, back in 2015, I finished a painting on canvas I titled 2112. It was my tribute to Rush a great rock band hailed from Canada. I shared it with you back then with a link to Fine Art so anyone could take a look at prints that were available. However soon after I did so, I received a notice from Fine Art America siting that Getty Lee´s attorney requested my work be pulled down. It is an original piece, not copied from any previous work. It was done out of a passion for their music and being a fan of that music. I had thought about arguing that point, as artists we paint and create on our passions and what is in our lives. Music is important in my life, it always has been and I have a passion for the music I listen to and bringing that into my painting. But is it worth fighting, do I even have the resources to do so.

I never expected to have that happen, it has never happened before or since. 2112 is one of my favorite works. I enjoyed painting it and I enjoy showing my work but feel it is hidden from view.

I have thought about this a lot since this happened and what steps I can or should take. I have not come to any clear decision but I want to share it with you or anyone who wants to see it.


I do still the original and am happy provide a print if anyone is interested. I am also interested in hearing what you think about this. Is there artistic liberty when portraying another artist?

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