Going for a more rustic look, I've carved and stained the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven. The symbols representing the four members of the band as well as the Hermit. Where I added two gutar necks in the piece here, in this piece the Gibson EDS-1275 has been added.

Physical Graffiti is carved by hand and mounted into the wall to highlight the 3D effect. All aspects of the street are elevated from the wall including ladders, steps and garbage cans. Lights added, giving a street light feel when the room is dim.

The lyrics to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. The Hermit and lyrics are intricately carved by hand; each line burned into the wood wih a dark stained finish. The guitar necks from Jimmy Page's double neck guitar are also carved and burned, finishing off with each neck strung.       Jimmy Page

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